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Public Works

Current and Future Road Closings

53rd St. North between Webb & Greenwich Opened to traffic December 18th.
Work will resume in May.
Road Work
135th St. West between K-42 & 71st St. South (R259) The portion from K-42 to 55th St. South will be closing around January 20, 2014 for approximately 3 months. The closure will then extend to 71st St. South until roughly the end of November 2014. Road and Bridge Work
117th St. North between 247th & 263rd Streets West Closed March 31, 2014 for approximately 4 months. Bridge Replacement
37th St. North between Greenwich & 127th St. East Closed April 2, 2014 for approximately 5 weeks. Bridge Replacement
45th St. North between Webb & Greenwich Will be closing mid June. Road Work

What You should know about Flooding and Water Quality

During Sedgwick County's “rainy season,” which is usually in the spring, neighborhoods throughout the county can experience flooding.  Find out why you should be concerned with flooding and stormwater management, even if your home has never flooded.