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A Word in Edgewise

By Commissioner Tim Norton

November 18, 2014

This Monday, Wichita received the good news that the INTRUST Bank Arena would be the site of the first and second rounds of the 2018 Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament.   Wichita State University and the Missouri Valley Conference will play hosts after partnering with the Arena to apply to bring the tournament to Wichita.

Years ago, as the conversation was swirling about building the Arena downtown and building the seating capacity large enough to accommodate NCAA tournament requirements, it was a hot topic.  On Monday, that lingering question was answered for the community.   It is good news for WSU.  It is wonderful news for the INTRUST Bank Arena.   And it is great news for the downtown and the community at large… the economic impact has been estimated as high as 10 million dollars.         

Recently the Board of County Commissioners approved the renegotiated contract with SMG the company that has been managing the Arena since it first opened.   SMG is a well-respected event center management company that manages arenas, event centers and other venues around the USA and abroad.  SMG has been instrumental in trying to lure sporting events to the Arena.   Landing an NCAA regional is certainly an important and coveted prize for any community and arena particularly in a mid-size city.

Another issue that the community has voiced concern over in the last couple of years has been the lack of concerts in the summer season and the ability to land diverse and larger concerts to the INTRUST Bank Arena.   An attempt to create a marketing/promotional fund was originally part of the re-negotiated contract but fell away as discussions between commissioners became divisive and fragmented.   It will be resolved at a later date.

But for now, on Monday, the INTRUST Bank Arena took another step at fulfilling the wants, needs and dreams of the community that voted to build it some years ago…it landed a NCAA regional.

Thanks for letting me get a word in edgewise.


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