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A Word in Edgewise

By Commissioner Tim Norton

January 19, 2015

Recently I wrote about some of the issues that would be front and center for the County Commission to review and consider as 2015 unfolds.   The County’s financial condition and the 2016 budget process were two inter-related topics that will be front of mind for a while.

The Governor just presented his State budget recommendations the end of last week.    Our staff will begin to dissect the areas of the budget that has direct impact on our Sedgwick County budget and ability to deliver services to our local constituency.  They will also try to analyze issues like Affordable Air Fares funding and State budget items like funding to the National Center for Aviation Training, etc.

The State legislature has a tough task ahead of them in the coming months.   There is a significant gap between revenues and expenditures in the 2015 budget that ends in June.   And the revenues for quite a few months in  a row have not met expectations.   That does not bode well for the 2016 budget process.

Each February the Sedgwick County Commissioners hold a retreat with staff to understand our financial condition, review the programs and projects currently provided, and dialogue and discuss the priorities for the coming year.   This year the State budget condition and effect on local funding will be a big component in our planning and thought process.

Certainly, transportation funding will be an issue.   Moving monies out of the T-Works program could slow down projects and push them further out in the future and change the planning horizon locally.   Changes in KPERS (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System) funding will also be watched closely.

There are many local service deliveries that have a direct correlation with the State budget.  Cuts in funding could have a profound effect on Sedgwick County’s budget.    Stay tuned for further developments.   

Thanks for letting me get a word in edgewise.


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