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Department of Corrections

Key Initiatives


  • To reduce recidivism and promote public safety each program shall employ approved continuous quality improvement strategies using core correctional practices and evidence-based programs.  Performance measure and outcomes will be reported annually in the DOC Strategic Plan and available to the public on the Sedgwick County website.

  • Sexual abuse is an important public policy and corrections issue that affects all correctional facilities, our employees and clients entrusted to our care.  We endeavor to stay on the leading edge of efforts to eliminate client sexual abuse and sexual harassment through policy development, client education, training programs and auditing processes to ensure compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). To increase public awareness information is available on the Sedgwick County website. 

  • To expand efforts and advocacy for collaboration and partnerships in addressing systemic issues including human trafficking (teen victims), the  school-to-prison pipeline, use of juvenile detention for status offenders and child welfare involved youth, and reducing incarceration by enhancing use of risk assessment and community-based interventions.

  • To expand and improve annual training and professional development in use of core correctional practices and evidence-based programming.  Cultural competence will continue to be a department and training priority for all personnel to maintain safe and positive workplaces and provide high quality customer and client services. 

  • To complete a pilot project with the District Court to develop an evidence-based pretrial risk assessment instrument.  Wichita State University was contracted to design the project, analyze the data and develop an instrument.  Pretrial services staff collected the data through interviews from a large sample of detainees at the adult detention facility. 

  • Community Corrections will report preliminary results of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative strategies and services that expand use of behavioral health interventions with adult felony offenders.   The local initiative involves partnerships with the community mental health center (COMCARE) and Higher Ground, a local substance abuse treatment provider.  The project is funded by the State of Kansas (KDOC) through an annual grant implemented in 2014.

  • To arrange and receive technical assistance in assessing current policies, practices, services and staff skills in order to align professional development and service delivery with current best practices in the field.  Strategies include implementing a strength-based family engagement model, gender responsive services and expanding quality assurance measurement in use of core correctional practices.

  • To continue to review and improve centralized administration policies and business practices to ensure efficient and effective management in full compliance with professional standards and regulations. 

Sedgwick County...working for you

Mission: To assure quality public services that provide for the present and future well-being of the citizens of Sedgwick County.