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Criminal Justice System


Criminal Justice Alternative Programs

Pretrial Services Program (PSP)

Department of Corrections
3803 E. Harry, Suite 121, Wichita, KS 67218

The mission of the PSP is to divert appropriate inmates from the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility and to ensure that defendants appear for court. Inmate evaluations are conducted to provide verified information to the judicial system so options other than incarceration might be exercised. Supervision services are provided for the higher risk offenders, allowing them to remain with their families and maintain employment, while ensuring their appearance in court and reducing the potential to reoffend.

Strategic Plan

Sedgwick County Drug Court

Department of Corrections
3803 E. Harry, Suite 121, Wichita, KS 67218

The Sedgwick County Drug Court is one of the alternative programs included in the Criminal Justice Comprehensive Master Plan. The target population for this felony drug court is offenders most in need of services and whose addictions negatively impact our community. Approximately 120 offenders annually will be served by the program, which began in November 2008.

 Strategic Plan

Crisis Intervention Team

In collaboration with the Sedgwick County Offender Assessment Program, the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) was established as a pre-arrest diversion program.  CIT-trained officers who encounter a person exhibiting signs and symptoms of a mental health disorder are trained to respond appropriately and to refer the individual to local service providers, diverting those individuals to community resources instead of booking them into jail.

Day Reporting Center

This program targets misdemeanors, low-level felons, and DUI offenders. The Day Reporting Program is a non-residential alternative to incarceration that provides the judiciary with a sentencing alternative to incarceration. Individuals are court-ordered into appropriate treatment and supervision programs.

Mental Health Court

Participants are identified through a variety of sources, such as law enforcement officers, jail staff members and attorneys. The emphasis of the court is on recovery thereby enabling the participant to stop cycling through the justice system.

Offender Assessment Program

This program targets non-violent offenders, whose mental illness is at the core of their arresting behavior, and redirects them away from incarceration and into community-based mental health treatment.

Pretrial Services

Inmates are assigned to the pretrial program as a condition of bond as ordered by a district or municipal court in Sedgwick County. Electronic monitoring is provided, as needed, to improve supervision and ensure clients abide by the conditions of their release and appear before the court as ordered.

Work Release Program

Work release is an alternative program to jail designed for non-violent offenders that provides supervised living arrangements with the opportunity for inmates to maintain jobs in the community while serving a court-ordered jail sentence.