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The Mortgage Calculator helps calculate the mortgage registration tax due to Sedgwick County/State of Kansas for multi county/state mortgages.  

The beige colored sections of the worksheet are the areas in which you are asked to enter information.  If you make a mistake, click "reset" and start over.  You may also go to the field with the incorrect amount, correct the error and click "submit" again to see the new results.

Step 1.  Begin in the "County" section of the worksheet.  For each mortgaged property in Kansas, enter the appropriate county name and appraised value in the beige colored fields. For Sedgwick County's value you will need to enter it in the first row, second column. 

Step 2. Tab to the next table and enter the state name and the appraised value if applicable. (DO NOT ENTER ANY VALUES FOR THE STATE OF KANSAS.)

Step 3. Tab to the "Total Mortgage Amount" field and enter the appropriate amount.  

Step 4.  After you have filled in the appropriate amounts, click the "submit" button.  This will calculate the percentage of total mortgage registration tax due in Kansas/Sedgwick County. The results will appear in the blue colored fields. Your total Mortgage Registration Tax due will appear in the yellow box.   This is the amount you should remit to the Register of Deeds.

Step 5.  Complete the Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit form. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to fill out the form.) Print out the form, fill out the required fields and be sure to sign the document.

Step 6.  Mail your check and the signed affidavit to:

Tonya Buckingham, Register of Deeds
Sedgwick County Courthouse
P.O. Box 3326 
Wichita, KS  67203-3326

Questions or comments?  Contact the Register of Deeds for more information; your feedback is important to us!

Register of Deeds

2017 Mortgage Registration Tax Calculator

Click here for the Multi-State Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit

In the table below, enter the County name and the Appraised Value.
(For Sedgwick County's value please enter it into the first row, second column)

Kansas Counties Appraised Value

In the table below, enter the State name and the Appraised Value. 
 (Enter out-of-state values ONLY.  Do not enter any values for Kansas.)

State Appraised Value

In the table below, enter your total mortgage amount and click on submit.

Total Mortgage Amount
Total Kansas Value
Total Appraised Value
% of Kansas or Sedgwick County
Mortgage in Kansas
 or Sedgwick County
Mortgage Registration Tax Rate 0.0010
Total Mortgage Registration Tax due in Kansas/Sedgwick County 
(Remit check for this amount.)


(The following numbers are for informational purposes only.)
    Mortgage Tax Due

  Total Mortgage Due

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