Video Help

Certain software and plug-ins are required in order to view video files created by Sedgwick County.  Certain plug-ins are required for specific types of browsers such as Windows Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  Sedgwick County is currently pursuing an upgrade to the video system to be compatible with multiple internet browsers and will be available in the near future. Below are tips for specific browsers that should allow you to view Sedgwick County e-Videos. Should you encounter significant issues, past meeting videos since January 2015 can be accessed from Sedgwick County‚Äôs YouTube Channel.

Watch a Commission Meeting Live

Commission meetings are broadcast on KPTS Channel 8 at 9 a.m. each Wednesday, except for the last Wednesday of the month. 

Watch an Archived Meeting

To view past meetings through your browser, click on one of the years below. Sedgwick County's YouTube channel can also be accessed to view meetings since January of 2015.

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