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Drinking Water

More than 90 percent of Sedgwick County residents live in areas where public water supplies are available. In Sedgwick County, public water supplies are cities, rural water districts, and one utility. A limited number of county residents obtain their water from private wells.

The city of Wichita obtains more than 60 percent of its supply from Cheney Reservoir and the remaining amount from the Equus Beds. Wichita has the capacity to provide water to all incorporated areas in the county through 2050.

Drinking Water Map

The city of Wichita has received national recognition for implementing several successful water programs:

  • Working with agricultural producers in the watershed above Cheney Reservoir to reduce pollution caused by storm water run off.
  • Installing water treatment technology to improve taste and odor problems.
  • Designing and implementing the water recharge program for the Equus Beds.

Sedgwick County residents who obtain drinking water from private wells are encouraged to test their water to determine its suitability for human consumption. Water testing is available through Sedgwick County Code Enforcement, the city of Wichita’s Environmental Services, or private companies.

Both Wichita and Sedgwick County have water well codes that regulate construction standards and inspection requirements. Sedgwick County Code Enforcement is working with all second-class and third-class cities to adopt the same code and enter agreements with the county for enforcement.

Sedgwick County...working for you

The Mission of Sedgwick County is to provide quality public services to our community so everyone can pursue freedom and prosperity in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.