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Septic Systems

If you have a lagoon or septic system on your property, it is important to monitor it to be sure it is operating properly.

How to Maintain a Septic System

Conserve Water - This is the best thing someone can do to maintain a septic system.

  • Repair leaks - dripping faucets and leaky valves
  • Spread out water usage over the day
  • Install water conservation fixtures
  • Try to spread laundry out over the week

Do not put these items down the drain:

  • Fats/oils/greases
  • Egg shells/coffee grounds
  • Tissues
  • Kitty litter
  • Tampons/condoms
  • Sand
  • Oil
  • Glass/metal
  • Bone
  • Solvents/degreasers
  • Waste chemicals/paints
  • Pesticides/poisons

Landscaping Tips

  • Divert downspouts and rainwater from drain field
  • Do not park vehicles on drain field

Pump Septic Tank

  • Use a pump based on size of tank and number of people in household. Pumping every three years MAY help.
  • When tank is pumped, replace baffles with sanitary tees if needed.

Additional Information

For further technical information about on-site wastewater systems, contact the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department, 660-1840.

For information about funds available for repairing or replacing failed systems, contact Sedgwick County Conservation District, 660-7289.

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