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  • Human Resources Director Eileen McNichol

    Eileen McNichol

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About Sedgwick County Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources partners with divisions and departments to hire, compensate, support and develop a diverse workforce that is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to the community. The Division of Human Resources is responsible for providing programs that deliver a foundation for excellence and provide equal opportunity for employees and the public. Programs include staffing services, compensation/classification, performance management, diversity and employee relations, benefit management, and career and organizational development.

Staff Members:

Eileen McNichol

Bethany Corral

Heather Poorman

Employment Services
Adele Dunn

Employee Relations and ADA
Misa Daily

Manager Employee Development
Greg Baker

Sedgwick County Employment Services

It is the goal of the Employment Office to attract a talented and diversified applicant pool for Sedgwick County jobs. The Employment Office partners with peer organizations and community agencies through a web-enabled recruitment and applicant management tool. Services are provided to job seekers which include access to information and application processes that enables the County to provide a coordinated approach to workforce development. For more information contact Adele Dunn, 660-7048 and

Sedgwick County Compensation and Benefits

Sedgwick County offers a total compensation plan to help attract and retain a talented and diversified workforce. Sedgwick County offers a locally competitive benefits package that encourages employees to take responsibility for their health in order to reduce future increases in cost. A Health Benefits team has been established to encourage employee wellness. For more information regarding compensation, please contact Bethany Corral at 660-9239 or For more information regarding benefits, please contact Becky Page at 660-7049 or

Sedgwick County Employee Relations

Two-way communication with citizens and employees to build trust, confidence and teamwork are the goal of the Employee Relations Office within Sedgwick County Human Resources. Conflict resolution, mediation processes and diversity initiatives are important to maintaining healthy working relationships within the county structure. Sedgwick County values diversity in the workplace. Men and women of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, religious and political affiliations, national origins, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Sedgwick County does not discriminate against individuals in the admission to, or employment in, county programs or activities. For more information, contact Michael Irvin, Employee Relations Specialist 660-1167

Sedgwick County...working for you

The Mission of Sedgwick County is to provide quality public services to our community so everyone can pursue freedom and prosperity in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.