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Criminal History Records

Even though multiple County departments receive, create or access criminal history record information (CHRI) to perform their functions, they are not able to conduct “background checks” or otherwise provide access to this information to the general public.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI)

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) is the central CHRI repository for Kansas, and regulates dissemination to criminal justice agencies and all others. For further information see the Criminal History Record Check page on the KBI website.

The KBI also has available an online database of persons convicted of certain sex, violent and drug offenses.

Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC)

The Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) maintains an online/searchable offenders database. The Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository (KASPER) includes persons who served sentences supervised by KDOC since 1980. Results include conviction case numbers in local district courts, which facilitates requesting court case records.

18th Judicial District Court of Kansas

Records of adult and juvenile cases within Sedgwick County are available from District Court. Public computer terminals are available at the Courthouse, or see contact information at the right.

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

Even though Sheriff cannot provide criminal history background checks to the general public, there are various records and information that it can provide.

  • You may search active warrants the Sheriff's Office is attempting to serve against persons suspected of criminal offenses.

  • You may search for persons currently confined in the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility.

  • Certain portions of “incident reports” about criminal cases may be “open records” and Sheriff may provide.

  • Sheriff has a policy and procedure for persons to request and access records about themselves – either call Sheriff Records at 316.660.3888 or email to to learn how to request and access your own records Sheriff may hold.

  • Sheriff may be able to provide a letter documenting disposition of arrest to persons who require for a governmental licensing (e.g., nursing, teaching, etc.) process – either call Sheriff Records at 316.660.3888 or email to to request.

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