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  • Mike Scholes, County Manager

    Mike Scholes
    County Manager

    p. 316.660.9393

    525 N. Main
    Wichita, KS 67203

County Manager

Current and Past Interns

Current Interns:

  • Tadayoshi Kawawa
  • Deb Zavala

Past Interns:

Year of Internship Name Current Position & Location
1990-91 Renfeng Ma ERP Business Systems Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
1991-92 Andrew Schlapp Executive Director of Government Relations and Board of Trustees
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS
1991-92 Kathy Sexton City Manager
City of Derby
Derby, KS
1992-93 Stephanie Knebel Private Sector
1992-93 Tom Sullivan County Manager
Routt County
Steamboat Springs, CO
1993-94 Kevin Burke City Manager
City of Flagstaff
Flagstaff, AZ
1993-94 Mary Knoppick Private Sector
1994-95 Mark Detter City Administrator
City of Andover
Andover, KS
1994-95 Darron Leiker City Manager
City of Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls, TX
1994-96 Jeannette Livingston Assistant Director
Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization
Wichita, KS
1994-96 Colin McKenney CEO
Starkey, Inc.
Wichita, KS
1995-96 Brad Eilts Director, Action Council
Montgomery County
Independence, KS
1996-97 Michael Pisciotte Murfin Drilling Company, Inc
1996-97 Carlota Ponds Director
Hesston Area Chamber of Commerce
Hesston, KS
1997-98 Phillip
County Administrative Officer
County of Humboldt
Eureka, CA
1997-98 Jennifer Rose Private Sector
1998-99 Kim Anderson Deceased
1998-99 Matt Benoit City Manager
City of Huntsville
Huntsville, TX


Shawne Boyd Private Sector
1999-00 Aaron Dunkel Deputy Secretary
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Topeka, KS
1999-00 Allison Moeding Revitalization Program Manager
Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation
Annapolis, MD
2000-01 Nathan McCommon Deputy City Manager
City of Bellevue
Bellevue, WA
2000-01 Randy Partington County Administrator
Finney County, KS
2001-02 Lunda Asmani Management and Budgets Director
City of Norwalk
Norwalk, CT
2001-02 Jinxi Jia Private Sector
2001-02 Derek Smith Director of Administration
Derby Recreation Commission
Derby, KS
2001-02 Adrian Vega Private Sector
2002-03 Lucretia Burch Finance Manager
Sedgwick County Health Department
Sedgwick County, KS
2002-03 Mini Kapoor-Siddique Private Sector
2002-03 Paulette Goines Owner/Manager
The Philanthropic Connection
Houston, TX
2003-04 Chad VonAhnen Executive Director
Johnson County Developmental Supports
Overland Park, KS
2003-04 Luciana Hall Private Sector
2003-04 Stephen Ruger Contract Administrator
City of Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
2004-05 Ron Shaver
Deputy City Attorney
City of Olathe
Olathe, KS
2004-05 Rick Rekoske
Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau
Hays, KS
2004-05 Trey Cocking City Manager
City of Atchison
Atchison, KS
2005-06 Tania Cole Program Manager
Sedgwick County Project Services
Wichita, KS
2005-06 Misha
Assistant County Counselor
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2005-06 Sheena Lynch Human Resources Director
City of Liberal
Liberal, KS
2006-07 Jeff Porter Assistant City Administrator
City of Lebanon
Lebanon, MO
2006-07 Jenni McCausland Assistant City Administrator
City of Andover
Andover, KS
2006-07 Mandy Pankratz Private Sector
2007-08 Deanna Carrithers Private Sector
2007-08 Crystal Gile Officer
Salina Police Department
Salina, KS
2007-08 Anthony Swartzendruber Assistant County Administrator / Finance Director
Harvey County
Newton, KS
2008-09 Josh Shaw City Manager
City of Augusta
Augusta, KS
2008-09 Eddie Sheppard Assistant City Administrator/Public Works Coordinator
City of Shawano
Shawano, WI
2008-09 Tricia Thomas Associate Planner
Wichita, KS
2009-10 Phil Laney Budget Manager
City of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
2009-10 Nathan Law City Administrator
City of Louisburg
Louisburg, KS
2009-10 Angee Sisco Private Sector
2010-11 Anne Bradley Policy Analyst
Sunset Advisory Commission
Austin, TX
2010-11 Bobby Steel Private Sector
2011-2012 Becky Eby Budget Management Analyst
Cuyahoga County
Cleveland, OH
2011-2012 Emily Clouse City Manager
City of Kingman
Kingman, KS
2011-2012 Anna Meyerhoff Central Services Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2012-2013 Kyle Carr Private Sector
2012-2013 Kate Flavin Public Information Officer
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2012-2013 Lorien Showalter Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2013-2014 Kamme Carlsten Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2013-2014 Jeff Robbins Associate
Office of Management and Budget
Mesa, AZ
2014-2015 Zach Gearhart

Assistant Director of Government Relations
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

2014-2015 Carli Sanchez Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2014-2015 Brandon Mills Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2015-2016 Mitch Kolf Finance Director
City of Kechi
Kechi, KS
2015-2016 Mark Bowman Fiscal Management Coordinator
Harvey County
Newton, KS
2015-2016 Jessica Ostmeyer Assistant to the County Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS

Sedgwick County...working for you

The Mission of Sedgwick County is to provide quality public services to our community so everyone can pursue freedom and prosperity in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.