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Political Signs in the County Right of Way

In 2015, the Kansas Legislature passed a law that allows the placement of political signs in city and county right of way during a period beginning 45 days before an election and ending 2 days after an election.
Political Signs in Right-Of-Way
Political Sign Guidelines
2016 Un-Incorporated County Maintained Roads

Current and Future Road Closings

135th St. West between 21st & 29th Streets North Closed to all traffic on July 6, 2016 until January 2017. Bridge Replacement
93rd St. North between Meridian & Broadway Open 11/23/16 Road Construction
Clifton between 55th & 63rd Streets South Open 11/23/16 Bridge Replacement
103rd St. South between Broadway & Hydraulic Open 11/14/16 KTA Bridge Improvements
MacArthur Road between Webb Rd. & Greenwich Rd. Closed October 11, 2016 until mid December Bridge Replacement
71st St. South between 143rd & 127th Streets East Closed October 24, 2016 until early January 2017 Road Construction
Meridian between 63rd & 71st Streets South Closed to truck traffic until February 2017 Bridge Repair
61st St. North between Oliver & Woodlawn Closed  December 5, 2016 until mid February. Bridge Replacement

What You should know about Flooding and Water Quality

During Sedgwick County's “rainy season,” which is usually in the spring, neighborhoods throughout the county can experience flooding.  Find out why you should be concerned with flooding and stormwater management, even if your home has never flooded.

Sedgwick County...working for you

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