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  • Timothy P. Rohrig, PhD, F-ABFT, Director

    Timothy P. Rohrig, PhD., F-ABFT

    p. 316.660.4800
    f. 316.383.4535 - Main
    f. 316.660.0999 - Director
    f. 316.660.0998 - Evidence
    f. 316.941.5122 - Medical Investigations / Records

    1109 N. Minneapolis
    Wichita, KS 67214

Regional Forensic Science Center

Forensic Laboratory Division

p. 316.660.4800
f. 316.660.0999

An ASCLD/LAB International Accredited Laboratory

Staff Contacts

Director and Chief Toxicologist
Timothy P. Rohrig, Ph.D., F-ABFT

Chief of Criminalistics
Justin Rankin

Forensic Biology/DNA Laboratory Manager
Shelly A. Steadman, Ph.D.

Toxicology Laboratory Manager
Kimberly Stephens, M.S.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager
Robert Hansen, MSFS

Information for Submitting Agencies

The Forensic Laboratories accept evidence submitted by all fire departments and law enforcement agencies within Sedgwick County, KS as well as the Sedgwick County District Coroner. Forensic Science support is also available to fire departments, law enforcement and/or coroners from surrounding counties.

  • The laboratory does not provide analysis for private citizens or for civil litigations.
  • Examinations are requested through the use of a signed Evidence Chain of Custody Document.
  • Evidence may be submitted at the Evidence Intake window M-F between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (closed 11:30 to 12:30).
  • The contributor(s) agrees to allow the Forensic Laboratories to determine, based upon existing policies, when submitted items will not be examined as requested.
  • The Forensic Laboratories reserve the right to approve deviations regarding the test methods utilized when appropriate and to subcontract for analysis when necessary.


List of Service/Services Areas

The Forensic Laboratory Division of the Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center will select the most appropriate test method(s) for the examination/evaluation of the submitted evidence from the following services.

Items not Routinely Accepted for Analysis

  • Needles, syringes, or needles with syringes for drug analysis;
  • Explosives (this does not include ammunition);
  • DNA samples collected for the purpose of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm or any other weapon;
  • DNA samples collected from ammunition or drug containers;
  • DNA samples pertaining to kinship analyses;
  • Paternity testing for non-forensic purposes; and
  • “Single Touch” exhibits from property crimes. [Includes items such as door knobs/handles, surfaces, pens/pencils or any other single use items that did not come into contact with body fluids].

Note: Exceptions may be made by the Director and/or his designee on a case by case basis.


  • Drug identification
    • Tests Utilized
      • Spot (color) tests
      • Weight determinations
      • Macro and Microscopic evaluations
      • Chromatographic (GC, LC, TLC)
      • Mass spectrometric (GC/MS, LC/MS)
      • Spectrophotometric (UV/VIS, FTIR, GC/IR)
  • Fire Debris
    • Tests Utilized
      • Chromatographic (GC)
      • Mass spectrometric (GC/MS)
  • Trace Materials (chemical unknowns)
    • Tests Utilized
      • Spot (color) tests
      • Weight determinations
      • Macro and Microscopic evaluations
      • Chromatographic (GC, LC, TLC, Ion Mobility)
      • Mass spectrometric (GC/MS, LC/MS)
      • UV/Vis and Infrared spectrometry
  • Beverage alcohol (open container) analysis
    • Test Utilized
      • Chromatographic (GC)
  • Firearms / Tool Marks
    • Tests Utilized
      • Weight determinations
      • Length determinations
      • Macro and Microscopic evaluations
      • Function testing
      • Residue (color) testing


  • Comprehensive postmortem studies
  • Drug testing in sexual assault cases
  • Specialized analyses; e.g. Testing on children removed from Drug Environments
  • Urine testing for probation and parole programs
  • Cases of driving under the influence (alcohol and/or drugs)
  • Case consultation based upon other laboratory and medical studies
  • Test Utilized (Toxicology)
    • Spot Tests
    • Immunoassay: HEIA and ELISA
    • Chromatographic (GC,LC)
    • Mass Spectrometric (GC/MS, LC/MS)
    • UV/Vis and Infrared Spectrometry


  • Detection and identification of body fluids
  • STR DNA profiling technology
  • CODIS participating laboratory
  • Test Utilized (Biology / DNA)
    • Body fluid screening tests (blood, semen, saliva, feces, urine)
    • Physical evidence screening (ALS)
    • Microscopic (sperm)
    • STR-PCR
    • STR profile comparisons


  • Guidance on proper evidence collection
  • Proper evidence (short-term) storage
  • Evidence reception and release

Annual Reports

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