Vietnam Veteran Tag

Vietnam Veteran License Plate

These vehicle types are eligible for the Vietnam veteran tag:

  • Passenger vehicles (autos)

  • Trucks registered for 20M or less

  • Motorcycles

Fees - No additional fee is associated with the Vietnam veteran tag; standard registration fees and property taxes are to be collected.

Proof of eligibility:

  • A completed military veteran license plate application, form TR-102

  • A copy of the applicant’s DD 214 showing one of the following medals were awarded:

    • If applicant served in Vietnam between July 1, 1958 to July 3, 1965, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

    • If the applicant served in Vietnam between July 4, 1965 to March 28, 1973, the Vietnam Service Medal.

  • The proof of eligibility is only required for the initial application. It will not be required to renew.

Vietnam veteran tag application