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Criminal Justice System

Finding Jail Alternatives

Forming the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

Sedgwick County is struggling to manage an ever-increasing demand for jail beds. Among the many reasons for an increase in jail population are new laws, more stringent sentencing guidelines, mandatory sentences, greater investment in law enforcement, effective prosecution and forensic science resources. Many of these changes were wrought by an increase in serious crime, more public outrage at crimes like DUI and domestic violence, and the crimes and fear caused by emerging gangs.

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was formed in 2004 to find efficiencies in the criminal justice system and develop and implement alternative programs designed to reduce recidivism, and provide adequate, well-run facilities.

Read the CJCC Master Plan

Read the bylaws of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

2013 Briefing Book

CJCC Members

There are 17 voting members of the CJCC who are members due to the position they hold. These members serve on the CJCC for as long as they occupy the position:

  • Chief Judge James Fleetwood, 18th Judicial District (Chair)
  • Administrative Judge Jennifer Jones, Municipal Court of the City of Wichita
  • Sheriff Jeff Easter, Sedgwick County
  • Chief of Police Gordon Ramsey, City of Wichita
  • District Attorney Marc Bennett, 18thJudicial District
  • Chief Public Defender, Mark Rudy, Sedgwick County
  • Chief Deputy City Attorney, Sharon Dickgrafe, City of Wichita
  • Director, Glenda Martens, Sedg. Co. Depart. of Corrections
  • County Manager Mike Scholes
  • Commissioner Richard Ranzau, Sedgwick County
  • Commissioner Jim Howell, Sedgwick County
  • Council Member Lavonta Williams, City of Wichita
  • Criminal Presiding Judge Jeffery Goering, 18th Judicial District
  • Executive Director COMCARE , Joan Tammany
  • Assistant County Manager, Russell Leeds
  • Sedgwick County Association of Cities, Tom Jones
  • President of Sedg. Co. Chief's Association, Ken Winters

CJCC Meetings

The principal mission of the CJCC is to study the Sedgwick County criminal justice system, identify deficiencies and formulate policy, plans and programs for change when opportunities present themselves. In addition, its mission is to communicate and present planning, financial, operational, managerial, and programmatic recommendations to the agencies represented on the CJCC.

Meetings take place at 10 a.m. quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the month at 141 W. Elm in Wichita, second floor training room.

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