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Sedgwick County Appraiser's Office

2015 Real Estate Mass Appraisal Report

2015 Real Property Valuation Notices

The state of Kansas Division of Property Valuation approved Sedgwick County’s request to use an alternative method for the annual property valuation notification.

The Sedgwick County Appraiser’s Office request was approved to only mail valuation notices to owners of properties that experienced a change in value or classification from 2014 to 2015. Property owners who did not receive a notice in the mail may view the notice and appraisal information for their properties online. Property owners also may print their notice from the website, which will include appeal information. This alternative method of notification in no way changes a property owner’s right to appeal their valuation or classification.

Approximately 99,200 real property value notices were mailed for 2015, which is about 45 percent of the 220,000 properties in Sedgwick County. This change to mailing practices resulted in a one year savings of approximately $68,800.

Read more about 2015 real property valuations.

Read a letter from Sedgwick County Appraiser Michael Borchard.

2015 Personal Property Valuation Notices

2015 Personal Property Valuation Notices will be arriving in mailboxes beginning May 1, 2015.

Attention All Watercraft Owners

The legislature made several changes to the watercraft law that went into effect for the 2014 tax year. Below is a summary of the changes that will impact watercraft owners as of January 1, 2014.

  • A "watercraft" is defined as any boat or vessel designed to be propelled by machinery, oars, paddles, or wind action upon a sail for navigation on the water that cannot be exempt by other provisions of law. Each watercraft may include one trailer which is designed to launch, retrieve, transport and store this boat or vessel, and any non-electric motor or motors which are necessary to operate this boat or vessel on the water.
  • The assessment rates applied to the appraised valuation are: 11.5 percent in tax year 2014; and 5 percent in tax year 2015 and all years thereafter. In no case shall the assessed valuation of any watercraft cause the tax upon such watercraft to be less than $12.
  • The levy used to calculate the tax on watercraft shall be the county average mill levy from the prior year.
  • The new definition of watercraft reaffirms that the boat, motor(s) and trailer are eligible for prorating onto or off the tax roll.
  • Any boat or vessel is exempt if one or more of the following criteria apply:
    • If the watercraft was exempt or could be exempt as commercial and industrial machinery and equipment (subclass 5) because it was acquired after June 30, 2006.
    • The purchase price of the watercraft was $750 or less.
    • Any boat that is designed to be propelled through the water through human power alone shall be exempt. Examples would be canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and pedal-power paddle boats.

Where are the appraisers today?

The Sedgwick County Appraiser’s Office is conducting on-site inspections from building permits and appeals. Appraisers review properties for accuracy of characteristic data and update records if necessary.

Appraisers can be identified with Sedgwick County photo identification badges. Property owners with questions may contact the Sedgwick County Call Center at 660-9250.

When are values mailed and taxes due?

View the Tax Calendar for value notices, and filing, tax and appeal deadlines.

Search Property Appraisals

Use this online property appraisal search tool to find appraisal amounts for real and personal properties in Sedgwick County.

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